Ad Hoc Distribution of iOS Apps Over Web - Revised

Here is small update of my first post on Ad Hoc distribution of iOS applications over the web which you can find on this link.

I have discovered that it can be even easier to distribute apps to beta testers then the procedure which I have described in my first post.

Simplified procedure:

  1. Open XCode (version 3.2.x) and go to organizer
  2. Refresh profiles so that XCode can download Development Profile which is now automatically created within XCode if you don’t have it
  3. You don’t need distribution or AdHoc profile any more, standard development profile works as well
  4. You don’t need entitlements any more
  5. Edit release configuration to be sure that it’s signed with developer profile
  6. Set app destination platform to device, not simulator
  7. Build and archive
  8. Open XCode organizer and continue with the rest of the steps described in my first post which includes saving .ipa file to the disk and creating web dir with Beta Builder