AppViz on More Than One Mac? No Problem.

If you are like me using AppViz 2 for iTunes Connect reports than you must had same problem as I did. I want for all my reports to be available on more than one Mac, without need to sync everything every time.

So here is how I did it with the help of Dropbox.

We will start on the Mac where everything is configured and where you have already downloaded all your reports, ratings and reviews.

  • close AppViz 2 if it is opened
  • open Terminal
  • type the command¬† cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/

Now here we have directory called AppViz 2 which we will move to Dropbox directory.

  • mv AppViz\ 2 ~/Dropbox/ (here I’m assuming that you want AppViz 2 directory to be moved to the Dropbox root folder, but feel free to change destination to whatever folder you like)

Because directory is moved now, we need to link to it again.

  • while you are still in the same terminal and in the same directory ~/Library/Application Support run this command
  • `ln -s ~/Dropbox/AppViz\ 2 AppViz\ 2

So, you have now created symbolic link to the AppViz 2 folder on your Dropbox and the next thing to do is to test it. Start AppViz 2 and check if everything is like it should be. You should see when you click on the button Get New Reports that Dropbox icon is syncing directly.

Now you want to do the same thing on another Mac, to continue tracking from the last download on the first Mac. Here are steps needed for it:

  • download and install AppViz 2 (don’t run it yet)
  • open the Terminal
  • type cd ~/Library/Application\ Support
  • and then link folder to Dropbox folder with command ln -s ~/Dropbox/AppViz\ 2 AppViz\ 2

Start AppViz 2 and check if everything is in there.

Voila, that’s it.

P.S. Always create backup before moving anything, just in case :-)