AppViz on More Than One Mac? No Problem.

If you are like me using AppViz 2 for iTunes Connect reports than you must had same problem as I did. I want for all my reports to be available on more than one Mac, without need to sync everything every time.

So here is how I did it with the help of Dropbox.

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Problem With Mysql2 Gem Installation on Lion

Yesterday I tried to install gem mysql2 but it complained to missing libraries.

After installation of macports I tried with sudo port install mysql5-devel to install libraries but it failed again.

The problem is in gcc compiler so after some searching on google I found solution on this site.

In short solution is in these 2 commands where you do cleanup of mysql5-devel and then build with llvm-gcc compiler.

sudo port clean mysql5-devel
sudo port install mysql5-devel configure.compiler=llvm-gcc-4.2

Auto Incrementing Build Numbers on XCode 4.2

Here is one small tip how to automatically increment build number in XCode 4.2 the one which you can see in target summary.

Here is how to increment it automatically with every build.

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How to Fix Invalid Product ID in In-App Purchases

Yesterday after application that I’m programming for a client being rejected once again from Apple because of “inappropriate use of In-App Purchases” I had to delete old one and create a new one in iTunes Connect. Of course after that the error that I was getting while trying to test application is Invalid product id and Apple didn’t wanted to let us know anything like reason why it’s invalid so any kind of debugging is sufficient.

To solve this problem there is a simple solution.

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Migrating Acronis Backup Server to Another Machine

Today I have migrated Acronis backup server (Older version) to another machine.

Procedure is simple:

  • install backup server on another machine
  • configure backup location
  • stop the service
  • copy all files from old server to new server in configured backup location
  • copy C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\Backup server dir to another server overwriting the another one
  • start the service
  • check if everything is ok with Management Console