Find and Decrypt Cisco Group Password on Mac

So today I wanted to move one Cisco VPN connection from my MBP to another mac.

The problem was that I didn’t received any .pcf file from admin, I got only group login and password (which I didn’t wrote down).

So after bit of searching on the disk I have found that Cisco VPN client is creating new .pcf file for every connection that you create in it. They are located in /private/etc/opt/cisco-vpnclient/Profiles directory and waiting to be exctracted. So to be able to obtain password from it do like this:

  1. open file from that directory, file will have same name as Connection name in Cisco VPN Client
  2. in the file find string enc_GroupPwd= and copy everything behind = sign
  3. open this site and copy encrypted password there, click decode button and site will return decrypted group password**
  4. now you have password and you can create new connection on the another mac with details that you have on old one, host ip, group name, password, etc.