How to Jailbreak Iphone 2G (Untethered Solution)

Yesterday I have found on iPod Touch Fans forums instructions how to jailbreak iPod touch 2G. Instructions are on link here tnx to shortperson1026 who created this tutorial.

BEFORE you begin, restore your iPod Touch clean to it’s factory state. As with every other tutorial you need the C++ redistributable and LIBusb.

  1. Download unofficialsn0w 2.0 for Windows from here Download
  2. Get the 2.2.1 iPod Touch Firmware HERE
  3. Rename the 2.2.1 ipsw to OriginalFW, or OriginalFW.ipsw IF you have file extensions visible, and place it in /IPSW
  4. Run IPSW.bat (It will take a while)
  5. Right click on the jb.ispw and either open it with Winrar or
  6. Go into Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.n72ap.production\
  7. Delete the LLB file.(optional since it will be replaced by the new one)
  8. Replace (by dragging) with the LLB file that’s in the same folder as the jb.ipsw.
  9. Close program
  10. Place your iPod Touch 2G into DFU mode, plug it in and run RUNME.exe
  11. Shift + Restore to JB.ipsw in iTunes and your done!!!

Although I have done all that is written there, during flashing I would receive error and iPod would stay in recovery mode.

Then I have found one small program - QuickFreedom - Untethered GUI that has created firmware for me that I could flash latter with iTunes and jailbreak my iPod. So if you have problems with first solution try the program and also if you want to change boot logos you can do it with this program. For original firmware you can use one that you have downloaded from link above.

Some notes.

Note 1. : You will need libusb for first solution (and I think for second one as well) and you can download it here.

Note 2.: Entering DFU mode is not that simple as someone would say it is. Here are the steps how to enter it:

  • Power off iPod.
  • Press and hold power and home buttons.
  • Ipod will start and then it will shut down again. When this happens release power button and hold home button for 15-20 seconds.
  • You will have blank black screen and it means that you have entered in DFU mode.