Reinstall Windows XP Without Activation

If you had ever wanted to slip reactivating Windows XP after reinstallation here is one good tip from [Online Tech Tips]. There is only one file that is needed for sliping of reactivation and that is wpa.dbl which is located in C:\Windows\System32 directory.

So procedure would look like this:

  • find wpa.dbl file and save it to some external media (usb disk, floppy, cd, etc.)
  • reinstall Windows
  • after reinstallation skip registration and activation
  • restart pc and on boot pres F8 to enter menu where you can select safe mode
  • in safe mode rename existing wpa.dbl file to wpa.dbl.backup and copy old one
  • restart
  • VOILA!!

So procedure is very simple and if you create your own installation cd with help of Nlite you can include this file too and skip activation after reinstallation.

Note: This file that you have saved can be used only on the PC that it comes from, on others it won’t work.

[Online Tech Tips]