Sorting of Images by Creation Date From EXIF

In my photography workflow, the first step in postprocessing is moving them from memory card to pc. Usually this is done via Adobe Bridge and it works like a charm, new folders are being created based by date, files renamed and so on, but Adobe bridge lacks a support for importing folders from hdd as source folders which is option that I need right now, as I have founded on my hdd that I have lot of images that are coppied from memory card directly to hdd as they were created on card.

This brings me to the problem that I have lot of folders with lot of images without any order. This has begun to frustrate me, so I started to write program that will sort them based on exif in respective folders, but one night while reading DPreview forum I have founded link to one program that can do exactly what I want on the way I want.

The program is called DIM or Digital Image Mover. It’s exactly what it’s name says, image mover from one place to another. It doesn’t do anything more, just move/copy images from one place to another in the respective folders that are created by the date template that you provide.

Program is written in Java so it works on all platforms that have support for JRE - Java Runtime Enviroment and so far I have tested it on Mac OS and Windows without any problems.

It has support for all major raw files (NEF, CR2, CRW), jpeg, tiff, png and so on.

Here is a link to the site of the Alan Light who is the author of the program, where you can find the latest version (4.0 at the moment), download it and send donation to author of the program.