Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager

After intensive testing of Sysinternals Desktops utility I have found new one that is also FREE and that works better than Desktops.

Things that I missed in Desktops were:

  • you couln’t move opened programs between desktops
  • Firefox and Winamp (possible some other programs too) wouldn’t work on other desktop if they are allready opened on one
  • desktop backgrounds would disapeer

New program that I found is called Vista/XP virtual desktop manager. Some of the options that it provide are:

  • Full screen desktop/window manager/preview with full drag and drop managing
  • Desktop switch indicator
  • An infinite number of desktops
  • Watch the windows move in real time as you drag them around in the window manager
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Window menus
  • Tray icons for each desktop
  • Per-desktop backgrounds
  • Configurable colors, fade speeds, hotkeys, etc.
  • Uses Vista’s live thumbnails
  • XP support
  • And much more!

You can find more info about program and download it on this link.

Here are some screenshoots.