Wordpress Out, Octopress In

So after so many years on Wordpress I have decided to move blog to Octopress.

The reason why I liked Wordpress was because it was easy to install, lot of plugins, themes, etc. but as a bad part of it comes security.

I have founded that several time script kiddies have succeded to exploit Wordpress, upload, compile and execute code on the server. No harm was done, but still I don’t want to have anyone playing with my server so I have decided to check alternatives.

One of them was Octopress, blogging system based on Ruby. The main thing with it is that actually it doesn’t run Ruby on your server, but it generates clean HTML from markdown format of the posts.

After that you just deploy generated HTML to your server and enjoy. You can have your blog in Git or SVN, deploy easiliy with rsync, so it was no brainer.

So far, I’m happy with it.

To migrate from Wordpress I have used exitwp and export function from the Wordpress.

Migration has few steps:

  • export your data from Wordpress to .xml
  • clone exitwp and install all requirements that it needs
  • copy exported .xml file to wordpress-xml folder
  • change config.yaml if it doesn’t fits you by default
  • run python exitwp.py
  • it will generate _posts, pages and images folders in build directory
  • copy all from that directory to source directory in your Octopress
  • change Octopress config files to fit your needs, your name, site name, deployment options, etc
  • run command rake generate && rake preview
  • connect to http://localhost:4000/ to check if everything is ok
  • stop that command with ctr+c and run rake deploy to deploy to your server
  • check your real blog site address

So simple is it.

Writing new posts is no more complicated than Wordpress:

  1. to generate new post run rake new_post[post name]
  2. this will generate new markdown file in source/_posts directory
  3. edit file, save, generate and deploy